About Us

About Us:

Trinity Global, LLC is the parent company for t-sleeve® and is located in Arizona.

Vision Statement:

To provide the global community with t-sleeve®, through quality of product, strong ethics, integrity and commitment to environmental sustainability, as well as contributing 10% of its net profits to charitable causes.

Mission Statement:

‘To provide the ultimate mess-free and convenient tea drinking experience for tea drinkers, with a disposable, recyclable and eco-friendly alternative to spoons or fingers, that can be used anytime and anywhere. T-sleeve® ultimate goal is to build a large, financially lucrative business, which in turn will allow us to create a foundation that gives 10% of the net profits from t-sleeve® to help foster children locally and nationally.

Our Core Values:

Integrity, honesty and respect in all of our actions
Trust and accountability in all relationships
Open and honest communication with our team
Profitable growth of the company
Contribution to the greater good of humanity
Safe and healthy work environment
Environmental responsibility for the planet

Our company core strength is a singular product, as well as a vision to succeed through all obstacles, solid goal setting and commitment to the product. The CEO and inventor of the product has a strong vision for the growth of t-sleeve®; as well execution and organizational skills, along with a desire to succeed.  She has a strong background in retail and marketing, as well as previous manufacturing experience. These competitive strengths lead to success.

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