Friday, June 2, 2017

Get The New Tea Accessory Everyone Is Talking About!


No other tea accessory is designed to be as portable, convenient and disposable as t-sleeve. Each t-sleeve pouch holds your tea bag and sweeteners until you're ready to use it. It fits easily in your purse, computer bag, or pocket so you can take your tea with you anywhere. With t-sleeve, you'll never have to pull your wet tea string from your hot beverage again! After steeping, you'll enjoy keeping your fingers dry while you dispose of your used bag without dripping liquid everywhere.


T-sleeve strives to be as eco-friendly as possible! That is why both the packaging and the t-sleeve itself are recyclable. Once the t-sleeve comes in contact with your moist teabag it becomes compostable! The t-sleeve family cares deeply about protecting the world's environment and community. Donating 10% of their net profits to help Foster Children locally and nationally is just one-way t-sleeve shows they care.


T-sleeve is pre-slit with a closing tab allowing for tea bag and sweetener storage. Its small size and lightweight make it conveniently portable. The sturdy material holds the tea string outside the mug, preventing it from falling inside your beverage. Afterward, t-sleeve serves as a disposable pouch for your wet teabag.

Watch this video and see how simple making tea will be with t-sleeve!

Enjoy a cup of tea anywhere, anytime with t-sleeve. Order your free sample or purchase t-sleeve today!

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