Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Health Benefits Of Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is probably one of the most popular herbal teas out there, both for its' taste and the health benefits. Even some of the most ok teas still taste pretty good. With the added benefit of being able to help with indigestion and relaxing, this kind of tea is great if you are just starting out in the vast tea drinking culture.
In addition to having a knockout taste, peppermint has many health benefits...another reason for its popularity. The health benefits of peppermint include :
  1. Indigestion & Upset Stomach : This is by far the biggest health benefit of peppermint. The oil in peppermint helps soothe the stomach and can greatly assist in relieving upset stomachs...or just relieve the "too full" feeling after eating a heavy meal. For me, I've found time and time again that a peppermint tea after a big dinner dramatically reduces that "full" feeling and, when I have an upset stomach...yes, the tea works wonders in quickly making it go away.
  2. Muscle Relaxant : Some people also believe that the aroma of peppermint can be a muscle relaxant.
  3. Vitamins : Peppermint oil, not necessarily in tea form, has Vitamin A and Vitamin C in it. How much depends on how it is processed. In a tea form, you'll get little of either. Generally, you'll get the vitamin benefits when consuming peppermint in pill, tablet or powder form. And won't get vitamin benefits in a peppermint life saver!
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