Friday, September 23, 2016

Favorite Fall Flavors For Your Favorite Teas

There is no doubt about it. Fall is here and that means spices, brisk air, sweaters and scarves, and most importantly, tea on a cold morning. There is something just so comforting about holding a hot cup of tea and watching the rain fall.

Fall also means many flavors come into season, Apples and Pumpkins galore! Here are some of my favourite flavors.

There is a reason Pumpkin Spice flavored anything is so popular. It smells so good! Who doesn't want to surround themselves with the smell of delicious and warm pies! There are many brands out there who sell Pumpkin spice tea. Some are made with black tea so you can get that caffeine kick, and you can find some herbal teas that offer this delicious flavor too!

Another favorite Fall flavor is Apple Cider. The crisp sweet taste of fresh apple cider is one of my favorite things about Fall. Apple Cider tea is just as amazing. It's aromatic and takes you to the apple farm without having to leave your home. Or you can take it with you in a thermos and enjoy it on the go!

Finally, Cinnamon has a way of relaxing and invigorating me making it one of my favorite flavors. And the best part is it can be incorporated into any tea. Add a piece of cinnamon to any pot of tea and the smell alone is sure to send you to our happy place.

Now with these ideas in your head, you can be prepared for Fall and all of the delicious tea options.

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