Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What Is The Difference Between Herbal Tea And Regular Tea?

There are so many different types of tea out there that it can sometimes be very complicated trying to know te difference between them, especially if you are new to the tea drinking scene. One thing to know in particular, before anything else, is the difference between herbal and regular tea.

Herbal Tea

So...what is a herbal tea? Well...let us start out with what a herbal tea is NOT!
A herbal tea is NOT, repeat NOT, tea. So then why are herbal teas called a "tea." Good question...but one that probably goes back to some tradition or another that says anything added to hot water becomes a "tea."
But in any event...yes, a herbal tea is NOT a true tea. Technically speaking, in order for something to be considered a true "tea," the plant that is used must come from the tea plant, camellia sinensis.
To put it simply...a tea is "only a true tea" if it actually contains tea plant leaves. And thus...this is why oolong, white, green and black are considered "true teas," as their leaves come from the actual tea plant camellia sinensis. By contrast, rooibos and herbal teas do NOT contain leaves from the tea plant.
Thus, with this out of the way, we can basically define a herbal tea as just about anything that gets added to boiling water. And by anything...I do mean ANYTHING. From lemons, to orange peel, to whole strawberries, to peppermint leaves, to candy cane pieces...and well, you get the idea.
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