Thursday, March 10, 2016

Green Tea Berry Smoothie

Add something new to your day! A Green Tea Berry Smoothie is fresh, fast, and will make you feel great! Find the recipe here:
You’ll need:

·Green tea  
·Some frozen fruits (Choose whatever you want, I had blackberries and blueberries already in my freezer. Get fresh fruits if you want but you need a lot for smoothies, and frozen’s just less expensive. Cheap-o’s unite!)

·Honey, lemon, milk to taste
Steep 2 cups of green tea and let it cool all the way to room temp. Blend up all the fruit and once the tea is cooled, blend it on in there with the fruit.

If you’d like, add honey, lemon, milk, or anything else you have lying around to make the smoothie taste the way you’d like!

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SRC: See more green tea based recipes here:

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