Friday, March 4, 2016

Downton Abbey Fan? Enjoy Afternoon Tea with the series finale

The wildly popular show, Downton Abbey, which airs on PBS, is coming to a close this Sunday. If you are a Downton fan, it might be fun to bid the show farewell with tea and a proper afternoon tea snack. Enjoy your favorite tea and some dainty hors d'oeuvre and transport yourself to the Abbey! Read about how hardcore Abbey fans celebrate and honor the show: 
Although the last show airs in the evening, why not treat “Abbey” fans to an afternoon tea.  And, please, don’t confuse it with high tea. The latter is known as a heavier meal that workers and laborers ate.
“For the teas, an Earl Grey is a little lighter and a nice blend,” [Barb] Gulley says. “But what we serve is the Republic of Tea’s line of “Downton Abbey” teas. They have a Grantham breakfast blend and Mrs. Patmore’s pudding. It’s really cute and kind of fun because it adds to the whole theme.”
For serving, think about a variety of finger sandwiches, scones and small plate appetizers like gougeres — a choux-style pastry made with cheese and sometimes filled.
You want to prepare and eat food that’s manageable and doesn’t take you away from the show.
With finger sandwiches, don’t think of them as any mayonnaise-laden chicken salad sandwiched between two slices of bread. These petite-size, rectangular- or triangular-shaped sandwiches can be protein- or vegetable-based. And it’s the bread, according to Diann Dupuis, who has catered many afternoon teas, that makes them delicious.
“The most important thing to make them fresh and not ahead because they will dry out,” Dupuis said. “Also, buy only a good bakery bread.”
Dupuis says many manufacturers’ bread have a lot of gooeyness and don’t stay firm.
A finger sandwich hit for Dupuis has been the Coronation Chicken Salad. Dupuis got the recipe from Tea Time magazine. While it’s a chicken salad that’s mayonnaise-based, it has hints of Indian flavors from curry and chutney.
When it comes to scones, you can’t go wrong with the recipe for Sweet Scones from the “Unofficial Downtown Abbey Cookbook.” It’s simple and quick to make. The scones have a tangy flavor and are a bit moist thanks to the addition of sour cream. We added some currants, which is purely optional, for a hint of fruit.
Finally, we couldn’t forget something with tea. The Earl Grey Tea Shortbread Cookies are amazingly easy with just five ingredients. The cookies are a perfect ending to serve with, of course, a spot of tea.
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