Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Buy t-sleeve to Change the Way You Drink Tea

Take the mess out of drinking tea on the go with t-sleeve. t-sleeve removes the step of dealing with a sticky, wet tea bag after you seep your teabag in hot water. Read more about t-sleeve and how to use it here: 
Step by step instructions for t-sleeve®

  1. Place your favorite tea bag and packaged sweeteners into t-sleeve®. Close pouch and take it on the go.
  2. Prior to steeping the tea, remove tea bag from pouch. Feed tea tab through opening at top.
  3. Steep the tea, allowing t-sleeve® to rest outside of cup on string and tea tab
  4. After steeping, pull tea tab up, drawing tea bag into the t-sleeve®.
  5. Once the tea bag is inside, fold and squeeze the residual liquid into cup.
  6. Discard the pouch/tea bag into trash receptacle or compost container.
  7. Enjoy your cup of tea!

The goal of t-sleeve® is to be not only a convenient way to enjoy tea, but to be as eco-friendly as possible. Both the box packaging and t-sleeve® are recyclable. T-sleeve® itself is coated with a natural, recyclable and compostable film that once it comes in contact with the moist tea bag, it becomes a recyclable and compostable product. The t-sleeve® material has been analyzed to compost. Feel good about doing your part for the environment and reducing your carbon footprint.

Also feel good when you choose t-sleeve® as your “go to” and to go, tea squeezer option, that you are directly contributing to charities that enrich lives. Read more here on our Charities page
Enjoy Drinking Tea? Try the Best Tea Accessory for enjoying mess-free tea while on the go, with t-sleeve. Order your t-sleeve today at:

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