Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Seeping Time on Tea

When you are seeping your tea bag, ever wonder how long is the perfect amount of time to let the bag sit? Between white tea, black tea, and green tea, researchers in Malaysia have studied what seeping duration yields the maximum amount of antioxidants in your tea: 
Researchers in Malaysia decided to look at the antioxidant levels in three types of tea – white, green and black – as well as what affect the preparation of the beverage might have. What they learned was that the most effective steeping temperature and time was dependent on the type of tea. 
In white tea, antioxidant properties were affected by time (longer time means more antioxidants) and not temperature. In black tea, they found that steeping the tea for a shorter period of time was best, and increasing the time in hot water reduced antioxidant activity.  For green tea, steeping in cold water yielded the most antioxidants.
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