Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Have a Cup of Tea with t-sleeve®

Join t-sleeve® for a cup of tea and chill out because everything is better with a hot cup tea. Try making your tea with less fuss by using a t-sleeve®. T-sleeve® starts as a carrying pouch for your favorite bagged tea, and sweeteners to take with you to work, a restaurant or anywhere you may go that won't have your tea or sweetener. When you make your tea it will keep the string out of your cup and then the t-sleeve® becomes a tea bag squeezer when you steep your tea. After you're done the t-sleeve® can be used to hold the wet tea bag for disposal, preventing the wet fingers drippy mess and fuss. Read more about t-sleeve® below and visit www.tsleeve.com/product-details.html to watch it in action. 
The goal of t-sleeve® is to be not only a convenient way to enjoy tea, but to be as eco-friendly as possible. Both the box packaging and t-sleeve® are recyclable. Once t-sleeve®  comes in contact with the moist tea bag, it becomes a compostable product.  Feel good about doing your part for the environment and reducing your carbon footprint.
Enjoy Drinking Tea? Try the Best Tea Accessory for enjoying mess-free tea while on the go, with t-sleeve. Order your t-sleeve today at: www.tsleeve.com/purchase-t-sleeve.html

SRC: Find everything you want to know about t-sleeve® at:www.tsleeve.com/product-details.html

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