Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Health Benefits of Iced Tea | National Iced Tea Month

June is National Iced Tea Month, cool off with a fabulous glass of iced tea while you remind yourself of all the great health benefits of drinking your favorite iced beverage. Remember to celebrate this month with the best tea accessory since tea bags, the one and only t-sleeve®, keeping tea a mess-free experience while on the go! Learn how tea can influence your body weight, heart health, bone health and mentality below.
Tea and Body Weight:In one review, researchers concluded that subjects consuming green tea and caffeine lost an average of 2.9 pounds within 12 weeks while adhering to their regular diet.
The results of another meta-analysis suggests the increase in caloric expenditure is equal to about 100 calories over a 24-hour period.
Tea and Heart Health: A study published by Claudio Ferri, MD, University L’Aquila,t Italy found that black tea reduced blood pressure, and among hypertensive subjects,it helped counteract the negative effects of a high-fat meal on blood pressure and arterial blood flow. The study also indicated that consuming one cup of tea per day is enough to reduce incidence of stroke and heart attacks by 8 to 10 percent.
Tea and Bone Health: Research suggests that polyphenols in green tea may help improve bone quality and strength. One study found that tea drinking was associated with a 30 percent
reduced risk in hip fractures among men and women over 50 years old. 
Tea and Mental Sharpness:
New research found that drinking tea improved attention and allowed individuals to be more focused on the task at hand. In this placebo-controlled study, subjects who drank tea produced more accurate results during an attention task and also felt more alert than subjects drinking a placebo. These effects were found for two to three cups of tea consumed within a time period of up to 90 minutes. It is thought that the amino acid theanine and caffeine, both present in tea, contribute to many of tea’s psychological benefits.
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SRC: Learn more Health Benefits of Iced Tea for National Iced Tea Month from the Tea Association of the USA's at: www.teausa.com/teausa/images/National_Iced_Tea_Month_2014_-_FINAL_2.pdf

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