Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Best Tea Accessory t-sleeve®

If you have taken advantage of the free sample tsleeve® offers, then you already know what a great tea accessory this is. Not only can you purchase tsleeve® at a handful of retailers, you can also purchase them online. Learn how to use tsleeve® below.
Product Details

  1. Step by step instructions for t-sleeve®: 
  2. Place your favorite tea bag and packaged sweeteners into t-sleeve®. Close pouch and take it on the go.
  3. Prior to steeping the tea, remove tea bag from pouch. Feed tea tab through opening at top.
  4. Steep the tea, allowing t-sleeve® to rest outside of cup on string and tea tab
  5. After steeping, pull tea tab up, drawing tea bag into the t-sleeve®.
  6. Once the tea bag is inside, fold in half and squeeze the residual liquid into cup.
  7. Discard the pouch/tea bag into trash receptacle or compost container.
  8. Enjoy your cup of tea!
SRC: To purchase tsleeve® online visit:  www.tsleeve.com/buy-online.html

Enjoy Drinking Tea? Try the Best Tea Accessory for enjoying mess-free tea while on the go, with t-sleeve®. Order your t-sleeve® today at: www.tsleeve.com/purchase-t-sleeve.html

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