Friday, April 10, 2015

Jasmine Tea Health Benefits

  • Jasmine Tea is really just a tea (green, white, black, or oolong) with additional flavoring from Jasmine flowers. When you drink Jasmine Tea you receive the benefits of the base tea with the additional benefits that come from the Jasmine Flower. The Jasmine Flower adds some uncommon antioxidants to your system, such as catechins and epicatechins. Read just a few of the Health Benefits your providing your body by drinking Jasmine Tea, below. 
  • Immune System – The numerous benefits of drinking jasmine tea extend to improving the strength of the immune system as well! Many forms of cancer and carcinogenic diseases can have an immunosuppressive effect, meaning that the body’s overall immune system is compromised, making the body vulnerable to many other pathogens that complicate the treatment of cancer. Jasmine tea has been shown to protect the immune systems of frequent users due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The immune system is the first line of defense against all types of illnesses, so bolstering that system can benefit the body in countless ways.
    Arthritis and Joint Pain: One of the other positive effects of jasmine tea is the reduction in chronic discomfort associated with joint pain and arthritis. The anti-inflammatory nature of certain organic elements in jasmine tea can reduce swelling and inflammation of joints by inhibiting unwanted cellular oxygenation. This can mean a reduction or elimination of these conditions if a regular amount of jasmine tea is introduced into a person’s diet!
    Weight Loss: Everyone is looking for the secret to reduce their weight easily and quickly, and jasmine tea can be a good addition to any diet as an aid to weight loss. The antioxidant properties of jasmine tea help to increase your metabolism, and this increase in metabolic efficiency makes exercise more effective and helps your body process nutrients quicker. Faster or more efficient metabolisms do help with weight loss, but jasmine tea must be used in addition to other weight loss techniques, as a complementary element, not as a stand-alone solution.
    Antibacterial Properties: Jasmine tea, which is occasionally formed by simply adding jasmine essential oil to tea buds, can provide a defense against bacterial infections, making jasmine tea an unexpected antibiotic that you can safely add to your diet. Studies have shown that the properties of jasmine oil can eliminate the effects of E. coli in certain test subjects, which can be a very dangerous bacterium that is commonly found in poorly preserved foods or unsanitary cooking conditions. Jasmine tea may also provide relief in cough, cold and throat infections.
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