Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Best Tea Accessory | t-sleeve®


Have you seen this new tea accessory called t-sleeve? If not you can try a free t-sleeve for yourself to see how convenient this 'tea sleeve' can truly be. T-sleeve is an envelope that closes after you put your favorite tea bag and sweeteners inside. When you're needing that cup of tea, wherever you may be just break out your t-sleeve. Then it will provide as an anchor for that string, preventing it from falling in your cup. If you're a tea squeezer, you now have a way to squeeze your bag without getting your fingers wet. When your tea is done all the waste can go back into the t-sleeve serving as a container for disposal. Want to know more? Watch a video demonstration at: www.tsleeve.com

SRC: Try a Free Sample of the Best Tea Accessory by t-sleeve at: www.tsleeve.com/free-sample.html

Enjoy Drinking Tea? Try the Best Tea Accessory for enjoying mess-free tea while on the go, with t-sleeve®. Order your t-sleeve® today at: www.tsleeve.com/purchase-t-sleeve.html

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