Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Village Blossoms & Gifts carries t-sleeve®

This week we are thanking the retailers who have provided t-sleeve™ with a home on their shelves. Village Blossoms & Gifts is located in Albany Oregon. Next time your in Albany, Oregon make sure you stock up on your favorite tea accessory, t-sleeve®. Thanks Village Blossoms & Gifts, read about this gift store below.
Seasonally, we attend the gift and home shows to see, touch and taste the latest things and bring back new a fascinating things for you to see, touch and taste as well.  
Our concept is to carry things you would love to have yourself and can be used to provide an exciting moment as a gift to someone else in your life.
SRC: Visit Village Blossoms & Gifts to learn more about their floral services.

Find other locations that carry t-sleeve® at: www.tsleeve.com/retailer-near-you.html

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