Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Kermit Stay Healthy with Tea

Kermit has been looking good since 1955, his secret for a youthful glow is drinking tea. Tea provides many health benefits that your body can drink up. Drinking tea can provide stress relief, fight inflammation, relieve cold symptoms, and so much more. Burdock Tea is even used to kill germs and can serve as a blood purifier. Keep your body in healthy condition by drinking tea, like Kermit and don't forget to use your t-sleeve. Read more health benefits different teas can provide below.
Echinacea Tea: Is used to fight infections, colds and the flu. Research data supports Echinacea’s ability to reduce cold symptoms. It also is used to help with urinary tract infections, migraines, acid indigestion, and ADHD just to name a few.
Peppermint Tea: Is used to fight colds, nausea, sore throat and inflammation, and a slew of digestive issues ranging from gas to irritable bowel syndrome. The herb also assists with weight loss and helps to reduce stress levels.
Chamomile (German) Tea: Is used to fight cold symptoms such as a stuffy nose, gas, and stomach ulcers to name a few. Chamomile is also great for relaxation and treating bacterial skin diseases. With regard to skin Chamomile helps to soothe insect bites, burns, bruises, sunburn, itchy or inflamed skin, and rashes.
Dandelion Root Tea: Is used to help with gas, upset stomach, eczema and bruises. It also helps to increase urination and bowel movements.
SRC: Find more health benefits provided by tea at: thesource.com/2015/02/03/hood-health-101-even-kermit-thinks-tea-is-dope/ and stay stocked up on t-sleeves for a mess-free tea experience on the go.

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