Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Tea Drinker's Swiss Army Knife

The tea accessory t-sleeve, has been referred to as a Tea Drinker's Swiss Army Knife, a tool no tea drinker should ever leave the house without. This tea accessory is many handy tools in one. Then when all is said and the tea is gone, t-sleeve is also recyclable and compostable. Read step by step instructions and explanations to the many uses t-sleeve serves below.
  1. Place your favorite tea bag and packaged sweeteners into t-sleeve®. Close pouch and take it on the go.
  2. Prior to steeping the tea, remove tea bag from pouch. Feed tea tab through opening at top.
  3. Steep the tea, allowing t-sleeve® to rest outside of cup on string and tea tab
  4. After steeping, pull tea tab up, drawing tea bag into the t-sleeve®.
  5. Once the tea bag is inside, fold in half and squeeze the residual liquid into cup.(Optional)
  6. Discard the pouch/tea bag into trash receptacle or compost container.
  7. Enjoy your cup of tea!
Learn more about the Advantages of Using t-sleeve for your tea on the go at: 

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