Monday, January 5, 2015

Dandelion Lilac Tea

This wonderful Dandelion Lilac Tea is provided by YUMeating in celebration of National Hot Tea Month. Dandelions are becoming more popular in the tea drinking community and have many health benefits. Some Dandelion health benefits include improving digestion and a boost to the immune system. Read a little about how YUMeating's Chrystal creates her Dandelion Lilac Tea below.
We picked a nice bucket full and brought them in. I laid them out on newspaper and let them dry. We had also picked some dark and light lilacs (well, kiddo did. picking is her thing.) from our trees. I thought they would be good to dry out as well.
Tea is one of my favorite things. It does not have to be cold out for me to enjoy a nice cup of tea, but when it does get super hot out I am known to drop in a few ice cubes!
Once all my flowers were dried, this tea was super simple to make.
In a tea strainer I placed a dandelion flower, some stems and a bit of lilac. I boiled some water and poured that in my cup, placing the tea in there to steep.
What you come up with is this wonderful, fragrant and healthy dandelion lilac tea.
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