Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tea Bag Origin III

Photo SRC: www.bokus.com/bok/9781295375875/the-coffee-public-house-news-and-temperance-hotel-journal-primary-source-edition/
According to writings found in The Coffee Public- house News And Temperance Hotel Journal, twelve years before The Century Cook Book was published and twenty-one years before Thomas Sullivan was distributing silk tea bags, the use of a bag to make tea was practiced since at least 1883. Found in the Journal on page 60 are descriptions of how to best make tea. In terms of the first tea bag, the Journal read as follows.
To make a good tea in quantities of a few gallons at a time, use a well-tinned kettle similar to the coffee kettle, but with a tap at the bottom; place the tea in a muslin or other bag large enough to give ample space for the swelling of the tea-leaves, and with a long string, which is to be tied round the neck of the bag to prevent escape of the leaves. When the water is boiling vigorously, place the bag in the kettle, moving it round in the water, and tying the end of the string to the handle outside.

Tea bags are still in use today. It was not until recently tea bags found their favorite companion, t-sleeve®. Read about the amazing tea bag friend, t-sleeve® below.
This handy design starts as a carrying pouch for your favorite tea bag and package sweeteners. Take it with you on the go to work, a restaurant or meeting a friend for a cup of tea. T-Sleeve® then becomes a tea bag squeezer when you steep your tea. After you have steeped the tea, simply pull the tea bag up into the t-sleeve®, fold and squeeze the residual liquid out, and then discard. There’s no mess, no wet fingers and no drippy tea bag. T-Sleeve® is made of recyclable and compostable materials, so simply dispose of the t-sleeve® and tea bag into the garbage or compost container. T-Sleeve® will compost, so you can feel good about making a difference in the environment. 
SRC: Read more about making tea from The Coffee Public- house News And Temperance Hotel Journal of May 1, 1983 at: books.google.com/books?id=uekTAAAAQAAJ

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  1. This solves a big problem, it was always a mess when i made tea and it also didnt have the taste or the aroma that a tea should have. now i know what i am buying and that i can have the pleasure of good tea just anywhere. thanks!

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  3. I did not know the tea bag history is quite old and interesting. This means even our ancestors were also very smart.