Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Tea Wreath with t-sleeve®

Make someone feel special by giving them a wreath made of their favorite teas and with t-sleeve®. This is an extremely easy DIY Holiday Gift. Paint clothes pins and cardboard to make your wrath beautiful, and if you can pull it off choose green, red, and yellow packets of bagged tea. Then alternate between a tea bag and a t-sleeve® for the ultimate Tea Wreath. You're sure to touch someones heart with this Holiday Tea Wreath with t-sleeve®. Read about t-sleeve® below.
T-sleeve® is a brand new, complementary product for tea drinkers who use tea bags. T-sleeve® was created from a vision to enjoy a mess-free, tea drinking experience.
This handy design starts as a carrying pouch for your favorite tea bag and package sweeteners. Take it with you on the go to work, a restaurant or meeting a friend for a cup of tea. T-Sleeve® then becomes a tea bag squeezer when you steep your tea. After you have steeped the tea, simply pull the tea bag up into the t-sleeve®, fold and squeeze the residual liquid out, and then discard. There’s no mess, no wet fingers and no drippy tea bag. T-Sleeve® is made of recyclable and compostable materials, so simply dispose of the t-sleeve® and tea bag into the garbage or compost container. T-Sleeve® will compost, so you can feel good about making a difference in the environment. 
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