Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Green Matcha Marble Cake

If you are still looking for a thoughtful gift to give this holiday then look no further. Anyone who enjoys tea would be delighted to receive a homemade Green Matcha Marble Cake, especially if you bring the gift of t-sleeve® along with it. A box of t-sleeve® is a great gift for any tea drinker and the Green Matcha Marble Cake is a festive fun way to incorporate tea in desserts. Learn more about t-sleeve® by visiting the website at: www.tsleeve.com and if you want to make a Green Matcha Marble Cake your ingredient list is ready and waiting for you below.
250 g flour
200 g sugar
1/8 liter water
1/8 liter oil
2 tsp green matcha tea powder
4 eggs
1 pkg. baking powder
SRC: After you have your ingredients together follow the easy directions to make this Green Matcha Marble Cake at:  www.cookingcatrin.at/en/green-matcha-marble-cake/

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