Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Drink Tea According to Your Ailments

Depending what your mind or body is going through there is a tea to help. If you are suffering from the common cold try Elderflower tea, or if you are over stressed try some Lemon Balm Tea. These are only a few natural remedies provided by The Homestead Survival. Read more from their Drink Tea According to Your Ailments guide below.
Many homesteaders drink a cup of tea according to their ailments as part of a daily natural remedy routine to reduce symptoms or prevent conditions before they resurface.  Whether you enjoy tea drinking as a time for quiet introspection or for their numerous health benefits … they are delicious.
A truly great cup of tea starts with filtered water or spring water, bring the water to just about boiling, steep the tea bag for three to eight minutes inside the cup then remove tea bag.
  • Wake up: Matcha, Peppermint, Earl Grey
  • To Sleep: Kava, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Valerian
  • Cold Symptoms: Echinacea, White Tea, Elderflower
  • Good Digestion: Ginger, Lemon, Rosemary
  • Detox: Dandelion, Nettle
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