Monday, November 10, 2014

Which Tea Today?

Some people has specific teas they drink no matter the day. Some people choose a tea based on their mood. Here we have a guide to assist you in your tea selection based on how you're feeling. If you have a stomach ache maybe from eating something that didn't agree with you, give chamomile the a shot to make things better. Perhaps you have a sore throat but must go on with your day, let some lemon tea help you get through it. Read how One Green Planet explains the benefits of Thyme for a cough below.
If you’ve got a cough that won’t quit, try a thyme tea. The thyme will help reduce the movement going on in your bronchial tubes and ease the pain of a coughing fit or a cold.
 SRC: Read more explanations of choosing the right tea for every condition at:

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