Monday, November 24, 2014

Teacup Garden

Normally with small spaces plants can take up too much room, but a Teacup Garden can fit anywhere. This creative fun project allows you to enjoy mother nature in the smallest rooms of every home. This an easy task to complete and it is also very fun to pick out teacups for planting in, get creative with your colors and patterns. A bathroom or small kitchen can be transformed with a Teacup Garden, they also make great personal gifts for the holidays. Read what the originator of the Teacup Garden had to say about her small scale garden idea below.

While I admitted my plant challenges with the tale of my Fiddle Leaf Fig troubles, I still adore creative gardening in small spaces. It doesn’t matter whether the small garden is in a tea cup on my window sill, an old box on my porch, a pot on the deck, a pallet or even a little courtyard or small patio in my backyard. I just love being creative with plants in small spaces! I am not a plant or garden expert at all, it is just something I find therapeutic and fun! 
SRC: Learn more about small scale gardens like the Teacup Garden at:

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