Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Peace with Tea

Seeing adorable animals cuddled up together makes people feel good, just like a good cup of tea. When you are able to enjoy your absolute favorite bagged tea while out on the go without a mess, you are able to achieve a similar happy good feeling. This is made possible by t-sleeve®, the tea squeezer that has the whole package in one. Not only is t-sleeve® a great tea accessory but it is also eco-friendly and comes from a charitable organization. Read how t-sleeve® is helping the world below.
This first version of t-sleeve® will give 10% of net profits to help Foster Children locally and nationally. Our charitable foundation plans to seek out community resources that assist in helping foster children. This could be foster care and stable home environments, events or activities for foster children or other options outside of local, state or federal government programs. This commitment will provide faith, love, hope and care to foster children in ways they may not otherwise experience in their daily lives.
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