Thursday, November 20, 2014

Contact t-sleeve®

At the official t-sleeve® website customers and retailers have the ability to contact t-sleeve® directly. Why would a customer contact t-sleeve®? If you're a customer and you have a question about the product, shipping, physical locations or you may want to know more about the charities t-sleeve® contributes to. Good news, t-sleeve® wants to talk to you and answer any questions you have. As a retailer you may be wondering if t-sleeve® is the right product to have on your shelves and t-sleeve® will help provide you with enough information to make that decision easier for you. Learn more about contacting t-sleeve® below, and remember to "FEED IT, STEEP IT, SQUEEZE IT, GO!"
Would you like more information on t-sleeve® or have a question? Do you have a foster care charity you would like t-sleeve® to consider? 
Do you want t-sleeve® available locally at your market?  Ask the store manager to contact us regarding stocking t-sleeve® at your local store. 
SRC: Contact t-sleeve® at:

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