Monday, November 3, 2014

Benefits of Peppermint Tea

There are many benefits of Peppermint Tea. Some benefits of peppermint tea include the relief of motion sickness, aid in a better digestive system, treatment of bowel syndrome, treatment of greasy skin and it also cures skin irritation, heals acne and promote hair growth.

Did you know that t-sleeve® has many benefits as well? Having t-sleeve® with you when you're away from home helps prevent you from spending money on someone else preparing your tea. The t-sleeve® helps keep all your tea condiments together in one place until you need them and it helps your squeeze your favorite tea bag without getting any tea on your fingers. The benefits of peppermint tea and t-sleeve® are amazing. Read more about t-sleeve® below.
The goal of t-sleeve® is to be not only a convenient way to enjoy tea, but to be as eco-friendly as possible. Both the box packaging and t-sleeve® are recyclable. Once t-sleeve®  comes in contact with the moist tea bag, it becomes a compostable product.  Feel good about doing your part for the environment and reducing your carbon footprint.
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