Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Strawberry Green Tea

This Strawberry Green Tea is great for sipping all day long. It takes ten minutes to create this delicious liquid and makes six servings. If you have not tried green tea with a flavorful fruit addition this recipe is a must try for you. Grab your ingredient list and instructions below.
1 Pint Strawberries, washed and hulled
1 Cup Sugar (to taste)
5 Cups Water
5 Bigelow Green Tea with Lemon tea bags
Instructions Place hulled strawberries in blender and puree until smooth. Pour in medium saucepan and add sugar.  Bring to boil.  Remove from heat and set aside to cool.  Bring 5 cups cold water to a boil.  Pour over 5 tea bags and let brew for 5 minutes.
Mix strawberry mixture and green tea together and chill.
Serve chilled over ice. 
SRC:  To find more Bigelow tea recipes visit: www.bigelowtea.com/Tea-Tips/For-Entertaining/Recipes/Beverages/Strawberry-Green-Tea-Recipe#.VDQ-vBbNsfg 

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