Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Become A Tea Taster

In a recent advertisement tea tasting was described as "the best job in the country but one that few know exists". This job position would provide the opportunity to travel the world and drink tea while getting paid. You do not just wake up and apply for this job, it takes five years to train a palate to identify the origin and blend of each sample, blindfolded. If this is something you are interested in don't let the palate training time discourage you. If you have ever had a cup of tea you already have some progress made. Read more about this exciting Tea Tasting around the world job position below.
New recruits on a starting salary of around £25,000 spend their first months sipping their way through hundreds of spoonfuls of tea a day under the eye of a supervisor, memorising the names and groups of leaves and mastering the bespoke language used by different tea companies to describe them. Imbibing is only a small part of the job, however. In order to balance what they taste with the realities of the market, trainees have to understand the full process of the tea trade from crop planting to the supermarket shelves. They are drilled in presenting market reports at the weekly buying meetings in which that week’s purchases are recited and forecasts for future prices, availability and demand discussed. Then, after detailed courses on blending different varieties to suit public demand, comes a lengthy training trip overseas to study the manufacturing process and how tea is bought and sold and to meet the network of traders that they will ultimately do business with.
SRC: Read more about How to become a tea taster at: www.theguardian.com/money/2014/oct/07/how-do-i-become-tea-taster

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