Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Green Tea for Weight Loss

There is no reason to let the back to school season slow down your metabolisim. Tea contains high levels of antioxidants and ameno acids, some also have caffine which stimulates a thermogenic response. The thermogenesis creates heat which boots the metabolism increasing your ability to break down thost fat tissues. Read what Green Tea specifically can do for you below.
Green tea’s ability to eliminate fat was discovered in the 17th century by Wang Ang, a Chinese pharmacist. It has been used since then for its health benefits and recent studies have shown it as an effective weight loss and diet aid, that helps reduce appetite, and fat storage. One study showed that increases in body weight and fat tissues were remarkably suppressed on diets containing 2-4 percent green tea, and diets with a 4 percent of green tea intake also showed suppressed food intake. The power of green tea has to do with its ability to increase lipid metabolism, and suppress fatty accumulation.(3)
SRC: Read more about the studies behind these findings at: http://skinnyms.com/whats-your-cup-of-tea-5-miracle-teas-for-fat-loss-2/

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