Monday, August 4, 2014

About tsleeve

tsleeve™ is a helpful tool for on the go tea drinkers, providing the ability to squeeze your tea bag without a mess on your hands. Not only do you get to have your tea wherever whenever, you also get to feel good about the company that provides this handy tsleeve™. Learn how your tsleeve™ is helping others by reading the Mission Statement below.
Mission Statement:

"To provide the ultimate mess-free and convenient tea drinking experience for tea drinkers, with a disposable, recyclable and eco-friendly alternative to spoons or fingers, that can be used anytime and anywhere. T-sleeve™ ultimate goal is to build a large, financially lucrative business, which in turn will allow us to create a foundation that gives 10% of the net profits from t-sleeve™ to help foster children locally and nationally."
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