Tuesday, July 8, 2014

PDXchange Fair and Square

This week we are thanking the retailers who have provided t-sleeve™ with a home on their shelves. PDXchange is located in Portland, Oregon. Thanks PDXchange, read about this retail store below.
PDXchange, Fair and Square, a fair trade boutique located in the heart of the Historic Mississippi District in Portland, Oregon. Artisans from Portland and around the world create the beautiful things you’ll find in our store. 
Jewelry, accessories, creative art pieces, hand-crafted fabrics, and stunning home décor and furnishings. We believe in fair wages, equal opportunity, and the rights of all people to lead productive, meaningful lives, while creating beautiful, sustainable products.
SRC: Visit PDXchange to view their location and partners online at: http://pdxchange.net/

To see more locations that you can purchase t-sleeve™ visit: t-sleeve.com

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