Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kris' Kitchen

This week we are thanking the retailers who have provided t-sleeve™ with a home on their shelves. Nancy's Floral Boutique & Candy Shoppe is located in Lebanon Oregon. Thanks Kris' Kitchen, read about this Artisan Bakery below.
Everything is made from scratch in Kris' Kitchen. And she means everything.
In Kris' Kitchen, you won't find canned pie filling. Fruit pies start with fruit.
Cream pies are made the old-fashioned way: Milk, eggs, sugar.
Kris Krabill opened her bakery at 878 S. Main St. in downtown Lebanon on July 29.
Although the storefront is new, Krabill is not new to the baking business.
"It's not the same as starting from scratch with us.
I've been baking for restaurants for years now," she said.
Krabill ran her business out of her licensed home kitchen for several years.

SRC: Visit Kris' Kitchen to learn about the special deals and products at: http://kriskitchen.net/

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