Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cherry Ginger Insfused Iced Tea

This hot summer's week we will be featuring Iced Teas of the most refreshing flavors. Today's iced tea is Cherry Ginger Infused Iced Tea. Not only is the fruity drink sweet on a hot day, it is also soothing to an upset stomach. Your shopping list for this tea is provided below.
1 Cup of pitted cherries
1 piece of fresh ginger peeled and sliced (2 inches)
3 Tablespoons of white sugar
4 Cups of water, divided
4 2g Bags of Green Tea
4 Lemon slices (optional)
Lemon juice to taste (optional)
SRC: Find your simple directions for preparing Cherry Ginger Infused Iced Tea at: AllReciepes.

Don't forget, use your "t-sleeve" to make it mess-free!

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